The Artist Statement

I got a question recently on how I've become comfortable opening myself up in artist statements. I don't fully open myself up.

How do you do toy photography?

Having a basic knowledge of photography and your camera is essential. 

Creating Emotion

You may know I have aphantasia. For those of you who don't know, that means for me, that on a scale of 1-10, my mental pictures are about the clarity of a 2. But when I create I want to make exactly what I'm picturing in my head. What does that mean though? The picture... Continue Reading →

Getting your Toy Photography Noticed

An email I got on my blog contact form, and my response. I thought it might be useful info for someone else, so I thought I'd share. Names redacted. ___ " I'm also a toy photographer. I've been taking pics of toys for years but, I just started doing it professionally last year when I... Continue Reading →

Toy Photography: How to, Why, its Roots & More!

I research and write about toy photography and related subjects

10+ FAQs of Toy Photography

Some frequently asked questions and answers! Let me know what I missed in a comment below whether on the question or answer side! Click on a question in the list below to be taken directly to that spot on the page. How do I take realistic images of toys? How do I create practical effects... Continue Reading →

Making a Blurb Art Book

I received a couple questions as to how I produced the book, so I I hope this post will give those of you curious your answers, but I'd also like to use the opportunity to explain my thoughts and concept behind what I included, and what I did not.

What I Learned at My First WordCamp

June 29 & 30 I attended my first ever WordCamp. #wcjax

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