Tourmaline ., The barn went swirling up in little red pieces against the sky and the stars moved backward., 2017

How do you do toy photography?

Having a basic knowledge of photography and your camera is essential. 

10+ FAQs of Toy Photography

Some frequently asked questions and answers! Let me know what I missed in a comment below whether on the question or answer side! Click on a question in the list … Continue reading 10+ FAQs of Toy Photography

Monochrome | Polychrome books by Tourmaline .

Making a Blurb Art Book

I received a couple questions as to how I produced the book, so I I hope this post will give those of you curious your answers, but I’d also like to use the opportunity to explain my thoughts and concept behind what I included, and what I did not.

Making Miniature Pottery

I never know if it’s simply the miniature spaces I frequent, or a worldwide phenomenon, but I’ve been seeing miniature pottery pop up everywhere. Maybe not as popular as miniature … Continue reading Making Miniature Pottery