The Year of Re-Finding my Artistic Voice

I've pulled away from something. I made sure to create a photo with a certain color for my blog challenges and would post it no matter how little I liked the image, in order to have something new to post. I purposely stopped doing that, but in an effort to keep up with the instagram... Continue Reading →

To Be Still

For the first time in a long time I'm content with not creating. That's not to say I won't still be making things. I most certainly will. But I'm allowing myself to relax, to recharge, to actually enjoy my photography day job and to not beat myself up when I'm not creating personally. We'll see... Continue Reading →

Who Invented Toy Photography?

No one. It's my new mission to help Google search results for toy photography questions. Right now, you search this question and get the name of someone that leads to an article that says something to the effect of - "remembers creating his first toy photos in the 80s." So, not an answer to the... Continue Reading →

Toy Photography Collaboration

So I've mentioned the vitrual Toy Photographer's meet up I attended in my post from a few days ago. But there's more to say! Anther one of the activities paired 2 of the attendees and made one the photographer and one the director on a collaborative image. I was paired with Sabrina Perry of @theperrylegoadventures,... Continue Reading →

A Toy Photography Chat

Enjoy @stalagmitethrilla and @fstop_rebel having a discussion about a variety of toy photographers. This episode discusses my work as well!

Growth and Assurance in Self v. Instagram Clout

Be better than the people you admire. Watch them over time. Do they have a huge online following? Okay, you may never get there, but pay attention all the same. Some of the largest toy and miniature based instagram photography accounts remain stagnant. While I'm not calling anyone out, know I'm referring to a couple... Continue Reading →

Instagram toy photogs share their growth

Toy photography is big. Especially on instagram. From those finding new ways to explore their collections, those de-stressing, playing around, or even those using toys to make art (or maybe a combination of all of these). There's a new hashtag that's now been posted to 243 times and counting. #first9last9

Instagram Promotions. Are they worth it?

On October 28th I paid $10 to promote the following post for 2 days. This isn’t the most scientific experimentation. I literally promoted a single post with a small $10 budget. But maybe, just maybe it will give you some insight before you drop any of your own cash. Before the promotion, the post had... Continue Reading →

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