The Year of Re-Finding my Artistic Voice

I’ve pulled away from something.

I made sure to create a photo with a certain color for my blog challenges and would post it no matter how little I liked the image, in order to have something new to post.

I purposely stopped doing that, but in an effort to keep up with the instagram algorithm I tried to have new images constantly or would fervently search for a good one to share.

I stopped doing that too and lost 20 followers in a month due to accounts using follow/unfollow apps that auto unfollow “inactive” accounts.

So rather than fight it, I’ve pulled away from Instagram, and most social media as a whole. I’ll still certainly post to Instagram, but maybe blog or life updates and not daily new work.

I’m going to instead refocus my attention on this site.

I’ve discussed recently a bit about this. I like forming and reforming ideas, building set pieces, creating full series. I don’t often make one off images. And this way of creating can be a slow process. But this is the way I make art I’m proud of. This though, doesn’t coincide with 1-4 posts a day which is said to create the best Instagram engagement. It doesn’t even coincide with 1 post every day, which is what saves you from the auto unfollowing.

The commissions I get from book covers to documentaries have all come from this site. A site I created as part of a college portfolio project in 2012 and have happily kept up to this day.

Project Management 101 Full Cover

So this is where I’ll stay. I want to continue to post about my personal life, my artistic projects, art history and so much more. But I also want to be better about visiting your posts and participating in the community here.

We’ll see what time brings.

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  1. I found you here, I follow you here. I didn’t even think to look for you on IG… I am glad you are focusing where your heart and roots are. I have been drawn away from this community, too. I am also planning to come back to where I find joy and inspiration. “See” you soon. :)

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