Toy Photography Collaboration

So I’ve mentioned the vitrual Toy Photographer’s meet up I attended in my post from a few days ago. But there’s more to say! Anther one of the activities paired 2 of the attendees and made one the photographer and one the director on a collaborative image.

I was paired with Sabrina Perry of @theperrylegoadventures, with her as the photographer and myself as the director. We took a look at each others’ instagram feeds to get a feel for the type of photos we make and Sabrina sent me a shot of some of her lego collection and an outside area for photographing. She has a huge Harry Potter collection so that seemed to be the best way to go. We discussed a bit over instagram messages and she sent me images of a couple buildings we could use, I chose one. We then set a time to meet over video chat.

After playing around with, and discussing, set up and overall image, we went live on instagram and worked through the shot. I chose to have Voldemort in confrontation with Hagrid (since we were using Hagrid’s hut). Hagrid stood in the doorway, light shining through and Voldemort quickly approached with an angry expression on his face. You can watch that live and see the resulting image below.

It was actually a really fun activity, and we may try it switching roles in the future.

Follow me on instagram – @tourmalinenow and check out Sabrina’s instagram linked above.

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