How Toy Photography Fits within Photography

First and foremost, toy photography is photography. The term “toy photography” only came to use after the internet age, within the past 15 years or so – primarily through social media like flickr. But toy photography has existed since at least 1898 (123 years ago), and can be traced back even to the invention of photography, all falling instead into the categories I’ll outline here.

How Toy Photography has Changed Over Time: 1898 to Present Day

Toy photography, in large part, has followed the same trends as photography as a whole and art of other mediums over the years. Updated 7/7/2021

Toy-esque Photographers | Onset of Photography through the 1980s

Photographers who at least dabbled in photographs of toys, miniatures, figurines and the like, a timeline. Click the names to learn more. Links and Photographer listing will be updated as … Continue reading Toy-esque Photographers | Onset of Photography through the 1980s

Kaleidoscope House

The goal of this dolls’ house, that then became a subject of numerous photographs was to modernize dollhouses. This was something that hadn’t apparently been done much at the time. To top it all off, you could purchase an art collection for your mini home, complete with little prints from Laurie Simmons herself and her art friends, such as, Cindy Sherman, and Barbara Kruger.

The History of Toy Photography

The original text of this article has been modified 3/21/2019. I want to discuss the history of the use of miniatures and toys in photographic works. I’ve seen a lot … Continue reading The History of Toy Photography