You can learn a lot of things from the flowers.

I got to sneak away for just a little bit, right before sunset, this past Wednesday, and visit my cherished Central Park Rose Garden in Schenectady, NY. I went for the first time last June, and wasn’t sure what a Fall garden would bring. I was pleasantly surprised by the blooms. Can you spot the…

Glitter & Scrapbook Paper

It’s no secret that the backdrops I most often use in my photos are simply sheets of scrapbook paper. My favorite is glitter scrapbook paper. Turn it just a bit and it catches the light in such wonderful ways. I’ve used iridescent scrapbook paper recently too, which can be turned just about any color based…

How I Got Here

And that’s the part that will always stay. Painting, building, gluing, finding, pouring, all for the end result of staged photos with toys.

2021 in Development

Documenting the year as it progresses. I’ll publish this, with all the months, as a recap when the year comes to a close. 2021 has been an artistic reset, resulting in flourishing creativity thus far. Not linked in the listings below – the Color Your World Challenges << linked right here instead. January Images featured:…

A New Door Continues

An ongoing series as I find ways to explore nature with this green figure by my side (or rather, in my posket). A New Door Outlook My Green Period Glass Head Glass + Nature cont. From Nature Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden Return to Central Park Rose Garden

Return to Central Park Rose Garden

A second week in Schenectady, 3 weeks later, and a second trip to the Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden. And I’m so glad I went back! So. Many. Roses! Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden