Kitchen Surrealism

It’s a Wednesday night and I have rice simmering on the stove. The timers set for 45 minutes. I’m planning to sit and watch Grey’s Anatomy, but in the meantime, I mess with stuff in the kitchen.

Let’s top off the soap dispenser and get the dish soap container off the counter once and for all.

I’ve continually loved the swirl of the blue, melding with a opaque off-white soap of long ago.

Figures in the swirl, one falling into the shadow, an arm reaching out of nowhere hand on a guitar.

I hadn’t thought of these specific figures, but I did scurry back to my art space, pull out my tiny bin of white figures, and pluck through them for ones that suited the growing thought.

And then I balanced, carefully placing the figures on the soap dispenser held firmly in my left hand. The guitar and child, perfect, then the adult dropped into the sink twice. I took a few pictures here with my phone, then there, analyzing the light remnants the overhead kitchen lights left depending on placement. The final image was from the soap/set up being held just over the island.

“Alexa, how much time is left on my timer?” “You have 30 minutes left on your 45 minute timer.”

So, a wild way to kill 15 minutes I guess.

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