MOSH Toytopia in Pictures

Went to MOSH's Toytopia exhibit the night of the Playworld Mini Comic-Con. But I'll admit, I was much more interested in the exhibit on the history of toys. A little disappointed that it was mostly pictures, but had fun regardless. Click an image to view it larger.

The Ultimate International List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (140+ Locations)

All the mini worlds in our great big world, right here for your planning pleasure. Looking for a place in the U.S.? Check out my previous list here. Looking for somewhere outside of the U.S.? You've come to the right place! Check out the below list for mini displays near you. Don't see one that... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (80+ U.S. Locations)

List of micro galleries Alabama Ava Maria Grotto, Coleman, Alabama Alaska Aunt Claudia's Dolls, a Museum, Juneau, Alaska Arizona The Mini Time Machine, Tucson, ArizonaThorne Miniature Rooms, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona Arkansas Tiny Town, Hot Springs, Arkansas California Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum, Carlsbad, CaliforniaSan Diego Model Railroad Museum, San Diego, CaliforniaStorybook Land Canal... Continue Reading →

MOCA Jacksonville

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a local contemporary art museum with a friend. Some of the artworks we saw were simply stunning, so I'd like to share them with you here. First up, the current large scale 3-D work in the atrium - by Gabriel Dawe. You can see a behind the scenes... Continue Reading →

Miniatures in Museums – Jacksonville Public Library

Okay, so these images aren't technically from a museum, but the concept remains. A pre-made mini in a public space. Something I can't light, touch or move, but I aim to photograph all the same. See my last 'Miniatures in Museums' post for more info. Back in November, I visited the downtown Jacksonville Public Library.... Continue Reading →

Miniatures in Museums – MOSH Currents of Time

Hi everyone, Hope you're doing well. I know I've been largely absent, but I'm loving the Color your World contributions I've seen so far. Keep it up! Last weekend I went to the local Museum of Science and History to see their Ann Frank exhibit. While there I of course took some images of miniatures... Continue Reading →

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