MOCA Jacksonville

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a local contemporary art museum with a friend. Some of the artworks we saw were simply stunning, so I’d like to share them with you here.

First up, the current large scale 3-D work in the atrium – by Gabriel Dawe. You can see a behind the scenes look here –

The piece is made up of string and hooks. The colors blend visually and the piece looks different from each level of the museum.

Next up, a selection of pieces from the Call and Response Exhibit and UNF Gallery. Artists within this exhibit can be found here –

By Beth Lipman

And finally a video display that kept us enthralled for awhile. You walk in from either the right or left curtains and it simply looks like a huge scan of Toile de Jouy – a fairly popular fabric pattern. However, soon enough a woman gets up and shoots you. And here’s the thing, no matter where you’re standing it still looks like she’s shooting directly at you. This piece is by Brigitte Zieger.

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