Windows windows everywhere, or in this case just 1 - a late resonse to the Pic and a Word Challenge, and a timely one for Cee's Fun Foto Challenge.


For the Pic and a Word Challenge #63... The sentiment Patrick expresses in his prompt post in regards to finding beauty in the grey made me think of this image - largely monotone, I find the little spurts of grass quite appealing. That said, this is a posed image, fake grass against a fabric sky,... Continue Reading →


For the Pic and a Word Challenge #62... Another from the recent trip to the Jacksonville Arboretum. See more here.


A miniature HO scale SR-71 Blackbird, built by my boyfriend in his childhood and photographed by me in a recent visit to his parents' home. [A late entry for the Pic and a Word Challenge: Blue, also posting to the Discover Challenge: Superhero]


[Posting to Pic and a Word Challenge: Perception. I like to think that for a second, someone may perceive this image as real life. A real ocean with bobbing boats. Only on the second look do you see its tiny boats on a  clay sea. I like to think about perception often in regards to my miniature... Continue Reading →

Garden Maze

3d designed and printed matrix/maze painted and coated in modeling grass and shrubbery. N scale (1cm tall) figure. Photographed with Olympus TG4. View 3d file and follow me on thingaverse here. [Posting to Pic and a Word Challenge: Obscured and Discover Challenge: Portrait]


A reblog of an image I made in 2015, sharing today for the Daily Post: Crisis and Pic and a Word Challenge: Resistance.


Parading as an apothecary shop, there’s something more sinister going on here.\ Materials: handmade room box - foam board, bass wood, paint, cardboard and glue, Rement Pose Skeleton and Science Room accessories, wreath by Elena Gonchar of Santez Stoyries, misc. other 1:18 and 1:12 scale dollhouse accessories For a Pic and a Word Challenge: Walls (a... Continue Reading →

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