Parading as an apothecary shop, there’s something more sinister going on here.\

Materials: handmade room box – foam board, bass wood, paint, cardboard and glue, Rement Pose Skeleton and Science Room accessories, wreath by Elena Gonchar of Santez Stoyries, misc. other 1:18 and 1:12 scale dollhouse accessories













For a Pic and a Word Challenge: Walls (a what lurks behind these walls sort of response) and this week’s Macro Moments (I know the challenge is more aimed toward nature and such, but I did use a macro lens, so hopefully this counts).

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      1. All work and no play is no fun at
        All work and no play is no fun at

        Ahem. Too much work!

        I will have two three day weekends in a row, coming up. And the weather should be just fine to do some mountain biking. :)

        Still managing to write at least a post a day for the blog.

        So: Income = good.
        Fun = looking up.
        Writing = keeping pace.


        How about you?

        1. Wonderful. Well the looking up part. I’m in a very similar place, mostly work, gaining on the fun part. No 3 day weekends but maybe just maybe I’ll get to plan a vacation one of these days.

            1. Late November sounds like the perfect time. I’m hoping I can save up money and get something planned by December. I work at a University so we get a good chunk of time off around Christmas.

  1. Hi Jennifer, I love this series and thank you for participating in Macro Moments! Yes, definitely counts, but can you tell me which one shot you would like to be your entry. Thanks, Susan

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