Anatomy Jane of Grey’s Anatomy

While Grey's Anatomy has been largely dated now, based on references in shows overtime. At one point, there was hot debate on when the show actually takes place. But it seems the timeline of the show was directly the year it was filmed. Season 1 released in 2005, the characters existed that year in 2004.... Continue Reading →

How Toy Photography has Changed Over Time: 1898 to Present Day

Toy photography, in large part, has followed the same trends as photography as a whole and art of other mediums over the years. Here's the brakdown. Updated 7/7/2021 Early Photography Albert Smith and James Stuart Blackton, Raising Old Glory Over Morro Castle, 1898Bombardment of Matanzas, Edward H. Amet, 1898Death in the Air, Wesley David Archer,... Continue Reading →

Miniatures in Advertising & Pop Culture

Welcome to another edition of My Mini Monday. For awhile now, I've been sharing examples of miniatures in advertising, movies, etc. on my facebook page. Now I present a culmination of those items here. Miniatures are so very versatile in story telling and these items represent that idea oh so well. Hope you enjoy. You... Continue Reading →

Around the Web – Exclu Issue 3 & The Other Side

Some of you may remember me posting some snail images I was making awhile back. Those were for a collaboration I was working on with Te Hao Boon. He wrote an amazing, very relatable screenplay about a group of 3 snails. Well the culmination of that collaboration, was then pulled together by Ghostwulf, and is... Continue Reading →

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