Anatomy Jane of Grey’s Anatomy

While Grey’s Anatomy has been largely dated now, based on references in shows overtime. At one point, there was hot debate on when the show actually takes place. But it seems the timeline of the show was directly the year it was filmed. Season 1 released in 2005, the characters existed that year in 2004. You can find a whole timeline of the show here.

Bailey: What is that? Grey is that Anatomy Jane?

Meredith: Yes

Bailey: With the 24 removable organs and the optional parts to simulate pregnancy?×06-recap-favorite-quotes-and-photos.html

Anatomy Jane, introduced season 5, episode 6, was a doll Meredith carried around constantly in childhood. But, Anatomy Jane doesn’t exist outside of Grey’s Anatomy.

Meredith’s mother, Ellis Grey, gave the doll to Meredith. The timeline linked above says Ellis was born in 1953 and Meredith in 1978.

In real life, there is, however, an anatomy figure called ‘Visible Woman.’ Visible Woman is not as barbie like as Anatomy Jane, she has clear skin and her joints don’t move, but she does have removable organs and a separate kit you can buy of pregnancy parts. Visible Woman was originally released in 1959, then re-released in 1977 and 1994. Barbie was also released in 1959.

If Anatomy Jane has the same timeline as Visible Woman, Ellis Grey could have owned one herself, then later passed her down to Meredith. Meredith received the doll from her mother at the age of 5, so in 1983. It would have been possible for to have received either of the first 2 releases. In any case, Visible Woman would have likely been less exciting to carry around than one that looked more like barbie.

Zola’s Anatomy Jane doll, which I’ll admit, I haven’t seen episodes for yet, is shown in season 11- 2014/2015. Zola is 1 year old in season 8 – 2012. So she was roughly 3 years old when gifted the doll.

And while Grey’s Anatomy is definitely using off brand dolls, Zola’s Anatomy Jane is very similar to a Bratz doll. Bratz was released in 2001 and had its lawsuit with Barbie in 2008. In any case, Bratz didn’t stop selling dolls, so if there were going to be an anatomy version (and there wasn’t), 2014 would have been a fine time to get one.

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