Making a resin house that lights up!

My quarantine brain hasn't been the most creative, but I did finally make this cool house out of epoxy resin the other day! It's filled with flowers I hung and pressed to dry, alcohol ink and glitter! Watch the whole process in the video below.     Epoxy resin, alcohol ink and flowart from The... Continue Reading →

Resin & Alcohol Ink Petri Coasters

Hi again! I have a new youtube video up. I've really enjoyed exploring what can be done with resin and have especially developed an affinity for 2 part epoxy resin. In an amazing turn of fate The Epoxy Resin Store reached out to sponsor those videos! So, so many more resin videos are to come.... Continue Reading →

Resin Beehive Necklace

I've finally returned to posting on Youtube. My first video back, is one I've been wanting to try for some time. I have this silicone trivet for the kitchen with a behive pattern in it. - silicone, behive, I think that calls for a makeshift resin mold for a bee themed accessory. So with that... Continue Reading →

Resin & Alcohol Ink Petri Pendants (Video)

I had been working on quite a few resin pieces, and the videos for those, in their raw forms, were still on my SD card. So, I now present to you one of those projects - just a relaxing watch me, resin pouring and music.

Resin Shaker with Nail Gels

On a new video I play with resin & UV nail gels. The two work very well together as they're cured the same way. Check it out here and let me know your thoughts. I also made what I think are some pretty cool, experimental photos with the tiny z scale people floating around... Continue Reading →

Heart Trinket Boxes

Making some little heart boxes - one with resin and dried flowers, one with household silicone and oil paint. Which do you like best?

Sophie & Toffee December Elves Box – Unicorn Resin Craft

My second Sophie & Toffee Elves box, and my second time playing with resin...not my favorite kit, watch and find out why. Also, I now have a channel trailer! If you haven't subscribed yet, go do it!!

Zodiac Resin Craft (The November Elves Box)

A new video is here! Today I try my hand at the Sophie & Toffee November Elves box. I have very little experience with resin, so working with it in a kit for this was super fun. Watch below and let me know what you think.

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