Resin & Alcohol Ink Petri Coasters

Hi again!

I have a new youtube video up. I’ve really enjoyed exploring what can be done with resin and have especially developed an affinity for 2 part epoxy resin. In an amazing turn of fate The Epoxy Resin Store reached out to sponsor those videos! So, so many more resin videos are to come. I’m am going to do my best to post a minimum of twice a month. I’d like to ramp that up to once a week, but that’s a far off goal at the moment. Check below the video for a coupon code.

Super cool sponsor for this video – The Epoxy Resin Store! Click the link below and use coupon code TOUR20 for 20% off your order.

Supplies from The Epoxy Resin Store:

Other supplies:


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  1. The coasters came out wonderful! And I have a real set from Pier 1 that look similar – also – your video was great – (just a suggestion – I would time lapse some parts to speed it up – like adding the drops of paint and a few other times might have been enhanced with that option) but still great and congrats on the sponsor – I know a lot of folks want to use epoxy but it seems daunting –
    also – the products seem high grade (odorless is a plus)

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