TG Friday – Unnerving + Woodland A.K.A. Stairs (4)

In response to the Creepy topicgenerator Unneerving + Woodland. How fitting. Join in with your own topicgenerator responses as I do my best to post my own each Friday. Learn more here:

Stairs (3)

Countless steps found in the forest.

Stairs (2)

Learning through repetition.  


Stairs in the woods - the saga continues.

NoSleep eBook 2015 – Issue 3

I entered the Reddit NoSleep eBook cover art contest this issue for the first time ever. I entered the featured image you see here. It's an image I made in response to Reddit user SearchandRescueWoods' stories. See more about the mysterious stairs in the woods here. While I didn't win the contest, I'm one of... Continue Reading →

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