NoSleep eBook 2015 – Issue 3


I entered the Reddit NoSleep eBook cover art contest this issue for the first time ever. I entered the featured image you see here. It’s an image I made in response to Reddit user SearchandRescueWoods’ stories. See more about the mysterious stairs in the woods here.

While I didn’t win the contest, I’m one of 3 runner ups and my image is featured inside the eBook – perfectly placed on the page right before the stories of SearchandRescueWoods!

Check out the issue here:, but be prepared for some pretty dark/spooky stories.

Congratulations to each of the featured writers and artists. This is a great issue if I may say so myself.


And in case you’re wondering, I still have 1 more image planned in this series, and hopefully more to come after that. View my current work in this series here.

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