Sunday Stills: Barns in Black and White

Georgia Barn

Okay, so I know this isn’t in black and white, but it still counts, I promise (well, sorta). Let me explain:

I took this image of an abandoned barn in Georgia quite awhile back. I had been visiting my sister in Tallahassee and wanted to find an old barn with this specific image in mind- so we took a bit of a road trip.

I printed the image in black and white on matte paper. I then hand-colored the image with pastel and colored pencil. I printed parts of the image (the brighter, shinier squares you see) in color on lustre paper and attached these pieces in their proper spaces with squares of balso wood above the matte background.Then, I glued on dirt, leaves, grass, flowers, twigs and wood pieces to add a tactical nature to the image.

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