Happy Halloween

pumpkins wp

ghosts wp

witch wp

werewolf wp

zombie wp Castle wp

26 Comments Add yours

  1. So special, so beautiful!


  2. vastlycurious.com says:

    Wonderful composition! WOW !


  3. I love the castle!


  4. phylor says:

    I like the castle best! Perfect scenarios for Halloween!


      1. phylor says:

        I love your work. It’s so imaginative, inventive, and reminds me of creating shadow boxes and dioramas for class and personal projects. Not that your work is grade school — it’s more what I envisioned the end result could be, but was never achieved in those projects. Every week, I get more impressed. You have a very special talent!


        1. Thank you so much. This mean more than you know. I loved those kind of projects all growing up- maybe that just evolved into what I do now :)


  5. Mary says:

    Love this! The zombie scene is my favorite! Or the bat castle.


    1. Thank you! I’m between the zombie and the ghosts.


  6. Happy Halloween to you. Your photos are so creative!!


  7. And to you, too! :) Enjoyed all these creatively fun images!


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