The vertical plane is floral foam, the base foamcore. The green areas are painted and covered in polyfiber with train model trees strewn about. The water basin is carved out from the foam core, painted and covered in a single layer of plastic wrap. The water fall portion is carved out of the floral foam... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: A Pop of Color/ Daily Prompt: Golden Key

Daily Prompt: Golden Key Photography 101: A Pop of Color   **This is my 1st time embedding from flickr. Let me know if it doesn't show up right.

Photography 101: Bliss

So I've made it to day 4! Bliss: 'perfect happiness, great joy' Back when I lived in Bradenton, Florida, throughout Elementary school (without my parents fully knowing), me, my sister and the neighbor kids would go to the Lakewood Ranch park. In the woods behind the park was a magical area. The Braden River ran... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Street

So I've done the whole car on a road thing a few times, but that's just what I think of when I think "street." If you follow my blog, you've seen my old street images before, I've over-shared them, but they're at the bottom of this post regardless. I got rear ended on my way... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

Cover Illustration Package: Project Management 101

Project Management 101: 101 Tips for Success in Project Management by Lew Sauder (cover illustration by me). Published July 10th, 2014. Buy this book here More information on cover illustration and design by Jennifer Nichole Wells Request your own cover Other 'Cover Illustration Package' posts

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