The Church at the Bottom of the Hill

Gold church with stained glass windows made of scrapbook paper.

Published by

Tourmaline .

Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.


  1. I agree with Pictures of Cities 100%. You are working that scrapbook paper girl! And great choice of color and texture/pattern, the sheen is fantastic. It creates an interesting contrast with the darker setting you’ve created here because you can see only here and there that the paper must be super shiny. So it makes the church more mysterious, perhaps a hidden and/or unknown place of value, found only by those who seek. :)

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  2. Sometimes when I look at your works, I feel like “OK, this can’t be real and handmade, she’s been using some kind of program!”. This mostly happens when you amaze me more than other times, like with this post. Congratulations Jennifer, not only because you know how to create these little things but also to take pictures that promote them in an effective way.

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