Trash Bags

A bit of a Dexter inspired image today. Black trash bags at the bottom of the sea. What do they contain? If you’ve ever watched Dexter, you know what his had inside them. These? Well, they can hold whatever you’d like them to.

Version from the TV show (click the image to find out more about the episode)

And my version:

Air dry clay, floral sand, fabric leaves and cut pieces of trash bag, submerged in a glass jar filled with water and food coloring.

Cropped to a widescreen 16:9 ratio with black bars added for an extra movie-like feel.

Behind the scenes:

{Linking to: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pick a Topic from My Photo – trash bags, trash cans, close enough, right? Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature – water is a powerful force of nature, and here that force is being used to cover up a crime}

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  1. very cool – have not heard of the show – will check it out later – but the Behind the scenes was just fun – and helped give us a feel for scale.

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