Re-looking, re-thinking, re-editing, re-considering.

I’ve been in an off mood lately. You know the one. Routine gets the best of you and you have no motivation to work on the one thing that would break you out of the mood (Daily Prompt: The Zone). Hosting the One Word Photo Challenge really helps me in that I’m obligated to make, or at least post an image once a week. Until I actually settle down to work on tomorrow’s post though, I’ve been looking through more images I’ve taken experimentally or otherwise and never posted.

Being that these aren’t my usual miniature images (they’re not miniatures at all), I’m linking to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Click on an image to view in full size gallery view.

More shower/water droplet images. See similar images here.

My apartment complex on a foggy night. I like the varying colors of light, and the well, frankly creepy feel. See another apartment image here.

Misc. animal images. A baby goose tucked under his mom’s wing and a cat silhouette.

Linking to Michelle’s Weekly Pet share for the animal images.

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  1. Yep, I’m another one that can relate to you mood! I’ve just had so much of life “interfering” with my blogging fun! I’m not posting or making the rounds like I want. Anyway, love your images. My favorites are the cat silhouette and the momma duck with her baby! Great shots! Have a wonderful day! :)

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you’re able to get back to your blogging like you’d like to. I often think, ‘If only I didn’t have a job, I’d get so much done!’ but then there’s that minor detail called money. Ah, soon enough life will have to chill out for us all. Til then, I wish you luck. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Oh Jennifer, you have some beautiful and some unique odd balls here. I’m sorry you have been in an off mood lately. I hope it goes away soon. :)

  3. Hey Jenn = it seems like a dozen folks I know have said this about the mood and vibe – seems like a pensive and quieter vibe in the air for so many – and such is part of a heathy life, eh? anyhow, sending you a warm hello this day – and that cat photo had me looking a 4th time – (RE looking ha) with the light, window frame – and the silhouette – so much – anyhow, cool idea for a post –

      1. yes – things here are good – a bit busy with end of the year stuff – not quite in the weeds- but big to do list until the June 17th –

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