International Homeless Animals Day

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Today is...

There are so many “holidays” every day – this is my attempt at a daily photo response. Join in if you’d like. Just tag your post #todayis. :)

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Some non-miniature subjects today. These are a couple of the tons of sweet babies who live around our apartment complex. Our cat was one of them at one point, until he adopted us. Every single one of our neighbors on this floor and countless others have food bowls outside their doors, so if nothing else these guys are well fed. The one in the top photo thinks he’s bad stuff, always trying to sneak up on you or hunt an unsuspecting squirrel – he’s never very successful on either front. The bottom one is the most loving cat ever. If you sit down with him he’ll climb on your lap, burrow into you and drool and purr forever and ever.

Today is also…

  • World Mosquito Day
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
  • World Honey Bee Day

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17 Replies to “International Homeless Animals Day”

  1. Oh, sorry. Nice post. An issue that is Bob Barker’s greatest legacy (imho) despite his sexual harassment legacy which tarnishes on the whole.


      1. Oh, sorry. For decades he ended his show with the advice to “have your pets spayed & neutered. Help control the pet population.”


          1. Yeah, absolutely. And he did that 5 days a week for over 30 years.
            Hey, Jennifer. Did we get your permission to publish your contribution along with the rest of.the collaboration?


  2. Another friend had the EXACT same problem. Once we click “Not Junk” you should be okay.
    What a pain for you.


  3. There’s definitely something wrong with comments at the moment. I’m finding quite a few of my regular comments community ending up in spam. So annoying.

    Absolutely gorgeous cat in your post today


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