Hi all,

As I’ve been doing with my Amusement Park project, when I’m not constantly sharing new images, I try to keep you updated with misc. miniature updates. Lately I’ve been working on some bigger and therefore more time consuming sets, making new images slower to come out. I’d like to think, this will make the eventual images all that much better, but I’ll leave that up to each of you.

I recently had a long weekend. We had off work for a Hurricane on the Friday then U.S. Labor Day on the Monday. I used that long weekend to build a dollhouse.

After saving and pining after a dollhouse kit in high school in 2007 I finally purchased the Greenleaf dollhouse Orchid model for what I think was around $50. I can’t recall how long I worked on it, but I managed to wallpaper some walls and prep the majority of the window pieces. Then set it aside. Whether I lost my drive or got distracted I don’t recall, but for the better, because now, 11 years later, I finished it. I kept with the dark red, dark blue, off white, Americana color scheme I began with back then. Although I don’t know if I’ll decide to change that in time. But, all in all it’s done! And I finally own a dollhouse.

This year it will serve to house some of my planned Halloween scenes, and I imagine it will house other scenes as I need it to. I’m planning on setting it on the balcony and letting it collect real dirt, grime and webs before photographing. I realize this sounds a bit strange, but I relish the abandoned aesthetic and enjoy the idea of real nature taking over these miniature spaces. And not to worry, I can always clean it up if I need to.

The idea of photographing it ‘abandoned’ is what led me to decide to finish this house in the first place. I’d been searching for one on craigslist and ebay for some time that was in the $20 – 30 range, as I didn’t want to spend too much money on something I’d let wilt. But, when I pulled out this box this past weekend to look for a door for an image, I was compelled to finish what I started all those years ago.



Do you have a dollhouse? Have you ever had one or built one?What’s your favorite miniature scale? Let me know in a comment below.

17 Replies to “Dollhouse”

  1. Wow – you’ve done a lot of work here – it looks great!! I am working or refurbishing an old doll house and making all the furniture or using furniture I’ve already made and giving it to a young couple I know with twin girls. All my house and accessories are barbie doll scale (not the technical term but best I can do lol) Looking forward to seeing more of your doll projects and sharing!


    1. That’s wonderful. I’ve been looking into play scale/ 1:6 aka Barbie scale lately. Haven’t done anything with it as of yet though. That family is going to love the dollhouse. How thoughtful of you. I’d love to see it.


  2. How exciting! I can’t wait to see it ‘wilted’! I love the rundown aesthetic. Looking so forward to this new series!!!


  3. You are amazing! What a gorgeous house! I am not sure I’d invite real spiders to take up residence, but who wouldn’t want to live there?! Looking forward to more photos.


    1. Thank you! Don’t worry I’ll take the grimy pictures outside. So if there are spiders they won’t get into my real house. Then they’ll be evicted from the dollhouse before it comes back inside.

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  4. Jennifer.. putting messages in several places. Please send me your mailing address to [email protected] and I’ll send you mine. I’ll be in states Sept 10-25 and have a pkg ready to send you with a few of my little treasures.. Judy


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