How could I not participate this week?

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny.

From my ‘Stills.’

An HO scale (2cm tall) figure in a forest of plastic trees.


From the series ‘Pokemon.’

A 2cm tall repainted plastic Pokemon figure on a 3d printed frozen body of water and in front of a 3d printed mountain.

(Pokémon is a media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company, a consortium between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. These companies and their affiliates do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.)


From the series ‘Apothecary-ish.’

1:24 to 1:6 scale dollhouse accessories collected together on handbuilt bass wood miniature shelves.


From the series ‘Cabin.’

An HO scale wheelbarrow on a wargaming grass field, next to handmade polymer clay logs.

Cabin: Wheelbarrow
Cabin: Wheelbarrow

From the series ‘Headlights.’

An HO scale (2cm tall) figure walking along a miniature rocky road. She is lit by the headlights of a miniature car.

Headlights: Walk
Headlights: Walk

From the series ‘In the Depths.’

2cm tall cut transparency film photographed in a glass jar filled with water and food coloring.

In the Depths: Ocean Dwellers
In the Depths: Ocean Dwellers

From the series ‘searchandrescuewoods.’

HO scale stairs painted with nail polish, posed in a miniature plastic tree forest.

searchandrescuewoods: stairs
searchandrescuewoods: stairs

If you want to learn more about miniatures, scales, and photographing them, check out my My Mini Monday blog posts.

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