Sticky Orbs as Toy Photography Props

I made these as a kid and knew I wanted the experience of making of them again, and to also use them as photography props.

Kitchen Surrealism

It's a Wednesday night and I have rice simmering on the stove. The timers set for 45 minutes. So, I mess with stuff in the kitchen.

Going Up and Sitting On, Stairways

Post 2 in continuing to explore the repeating themes in my work. See the first post here. I swear I thought I had done this one even more so, but I think in part I had one more planned that never panned out. I'm sure I'll continue to return to stairs regardless. 2016 2018 Monochrome... Continue Reading →

White Glowing Doorways

I often find repeating themes in my work, so I'm going to highlight a few over the next few days or so, depending on how many I identify. 2014 2020

Weekly Recap: July 25 – 31

Quite an ordinary week. Started and ended with flea markets and thrift stores. Work, cleaning, cooking and all the boring stuff in between. Some creative planning, but not a lot of creative persuing. This all makes for a very useless blog post, but I've committed. Tomorrow we're going to the zoo though and I'll hopefully... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tale

I absolutely adored Peter Pan growing up. The live action one from 2003 specifically. But even years before seeing that specific Peter Pan, I selected a fairy movie from Blockbuster and adored it as well. Fairytale: A True Story is the story of the Cottingly Fairies, only I didn't know that until a short time... Continue Reading →

Dream Vortex

I often feel done with a series as soon as I've discovered the full truth as to why I've begun to make it. I start with an idea, but the psychology often goes deeper. Will I still bring my green figure along with me for a time even though I've gotten to the root cause... Continue Reading →

My Green Period

I'm very inspired by green as of late. You saw this in my From Nature Images. There is more green below, and still more green to come. Read about some other fairies here - The Staged Photos that Fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the World, for Nearly 70 years

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