Attempting Normal 4/5

He’s dead and obsessed with studying the secrets of the living.



Learn more about the skeleton figure used in this series here.

Learn more about the process of building this environment here.

View this series in its current entirety here.

2 Replies to “Attempting Normal 4/5”

  1. Why is the little guy so frustrated in this photo? Not getting any nearer to understanding the human condition? He seemed so content munching his popcorn and smelling the flowers… I’m sure he can munch but can he taste? And come to think of it – smell?


    1. Yes he goes back and forth. He feels so close sometimes and so far away others. He just can’t quite get it. While I haven’t asked him I don’t think he can smell or taste but he doesn’t quite understand those concepts either so maybe that’s for the best.

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