Around the Web – Numi & Exclu

A bit of me from around the web :)

–Numi Organic Tea – What’s your Winter Personality?

Ever wanted to know what your winter personality is? Head over to the Numi Organic Tea blog , by clicking the above image, to find out. I had the pleasure of collaborating with my sister, Leah Wise on this piece – her words and my images. My winter personality is the ‘creative writer.’ comment below with yours.

–Exclu Collective – Word of the Month

My image was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for Exclu Collective’s word of the month. This month the word was ‘companionship.’ If you’d like to help me out, head on over to their website here, or instagram here, find my image and comment on or with your choice’ The other 2 images are great as well, so no worries at all if you choose one of the others, I’ll just be glad to see you jumping in. I’m excited to see the results.

Last month I had an exclusive with Exclu on the theme of Survival, in which I created 5 new pieces set in WWII and full of fog. if you’d like, you can check that out here.


Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer <3


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