I have more props than I should. But, as I don’t ever settle on a scale, I have to have items for every scale. These have been collected since childhood really, and added to as necessary for different photo series along the way. 

But overtime, I’ve had things piled in bags, bins, etc. and just shoved under my art table. Good organization is expensive. I’ll put it this way, my art tables are plastic folding tables – good for easy clean up of paint and such, but not so good for hiding what resides beneath them.

After having the hardest time finding what I was looking for when planning on making some photos the other afternoon, I’d had enough. And in my ever constant state of wanting to organize as cheaply as possible, I was off to the Dollar Tree to buy some plastic bins. 

I organized everything that would fit by scale in the bins and labeled each to match. I have a nail drawer organized for smaller items, but that didn’t come into play too much here. 

The bins now occupy a space on the bookshelf, so maybe this isn’t the end all be all, but it sure makes my life easier for now. 




Have you done any organizing lately? I’d love to know your art supply organizing methods especially.

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