Color your World Challenge

All 120 Crayola colors, one per week, every Tuesday!

Join me here at for a new blog challenge each Tuesday at 11AM EST.

On your own blog, social media page, etc. within the week that follows, post a poem, photo, really anything, just get inspired by the weekly color! Within that post make sure to link back to that week’s prompt post or share your link as a comment on that post, so that I can share your links the following week, and tag your post ‘tscoloryourworld’ so others can see what you’ve shared in their WordPress Reader or on social media.

Check out the calendar and colors below.

Any questions? Comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

And please help me spread the word by sharing this post!

Click here to see each weekly challenge.

64 thoughts on “Color your World Challenge

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  1. I have always jumped past contributing to “Color Your World” because I thought it was a photo challenge. I see now that I can write something. Good. I’d love to be in your team. See you.

  2. OOOH….(Wipes drool off Chin)….Fun for 120 Weeks – Still have the last challenge on the blog being poetry based….look forward to doing this one!

  3. Wow –
    Weeks in a row –
    I like the color line up and will try and join when I can
    Sending a big hello to you ☀️🙃

    1. Join in when you can! I’ll be so happy to have you. No pressure to complete all the challenges :) It will just be an ongoing weekly challenge.

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