Color your World: Peach & Periwinkle

This week, the colors are Peach & Periwinkle.

  • Between now and whenever you have the time, share a post inspired by the color(s) on your own blog or social media. A poem, flash fiction, photo, drawing, whatever you’d like!
  • Link back to this post and include your post link in a comment below so that I can share your link next week.
  • Tag your blog post ‘coloryourworld’ so others can find your post in their WordPress Reader.

Check out the CYW home page with links to all weekly challenges as they post.

Here’s my contribution:

I was sick again, now I’m on  business trip. You know the spiel, life always gets in the way. But I was delighted to see that this intuitive painting I recently did has peach and periwinkle within it :)

Future challenges:

Last week’s contributors:

16 Replies to “Color your World: Peach & Periwinkle”

  1. Happy to hear that you are no longer sick. And the picture – besides having two colours in the right alphabetical order – is lovely!


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