I’m a Professional Cat Photographer Now

Well okay, not exactly. Someone who takes way too many pictures of their cat, yes. But what’s too many really (tell me how many pet photos you have on your phone and then I might just admit how many I have on mine)?

However, a picture I took of my cat laying under a blanket, watching bird videos on my phone (my phone that’s decked out with a pop wallet and pop socket both with pictures of said cat on them) made it into an online exhibit called ‘2020 Self-Quarantining’ back in April. And while I’m completely astounded, I also fully recognize that a cozy cat watching youtube is very good quarantining imagery.

Go straight to the page of the gallery my image is on by clicking the photo below. To start from the beginning and see all the truly beautiful work represented click here – THE 2020 LENSCRATCH SELF-QUARANTINING EXHIBITION

To see more of what imagery I’ve been up to throughout 2020, click here. That link is also from April, so I’ll need to update you on the months since soon.

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  1. Don’t sell yourself short. The subject – okay, that’s a given, gorgeous cat doing something not normally associated with a cat. But the composition is great, with the diagonal split of screen \ cat blanket. And the colouring is also superb – the blue of the blanket being mirrored in the cat’s eyes, contrasted by the grey leaking into the pink. I truly think this is a splendid photo.

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