Color Revisited

So you all know by now that I was at the local Museum of Science and History the other day for a mini comic-con. I went, and dragged my friend and husband with me, mostly for their Toytopia exhibit, but a chunk of the rest of the museum remained open for exploration.

MOSH Toytopia in Pictures, 2021

So of course we checked out ‘JEA Powerplay.”

I visited, photographed and shared those images here of the same exhibit back in April of 2015. I took much less images this time, but thought it’d still be fun to share them here.

Color, 2015

I like that this time I was able to get multiple colors in each shot of this miniature city. You’ll have to check out the ‘Color’ post linked above to see full images of the display and my color shots. Let me know which you like better.

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