January 2022 in Photos

My 2021 yearly recap was long, my May-December weekly recaps were often very uninteresting. So instead, let’s try monthly recaps this year and see where that gets us.

December 26 – January 1

Spent the week feeling very ill and trying to get doctor’s appointments scheduled. 2 scheduled for the 6th, then another 2 on the 12th, and well, I won’t bore you with the details, but more scheduled throughout the month following.

Continued watching season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy (and well I might have ended up getting caught up in the couple weeks after), made some pictures, scheduled blog posts, bought some scenery supplies, and went through pictures on my phone that hadn’t yet found a place here.

And of course hung out with my cat Wolfgang.

January 2 – 8

My friend and I attended Venardo’s Circus for the first time. They’re all so very talented.

I got to work on my planned gold images, collecting pieces from antique markets, thrift stores, around the house, craft stores, and so on.

January 9 – 15

My sister and brother-in-law came to town! My uncle and aunt were even in town for a day.

We celebrated Eric’s birthday!

Eric got me a Laowa 15mm macro wide-angle as an early birthday present! I’d like to do a blog post comparing it to my other macro lenses one of these days.

I also continued collecting gold.

I had some baking drive (that I’d lost after originally buying the ingredients for these) and got out my recipes from my grandma, and ones my mom and I collected for me before I left for college. I made oatmeal bake and crescent roll cheesecake. Delicious.

I brought home my grandma’s sweater from 1952 and began to try to clean it. I still need to work on brightening the white numbers and letters.

January 16 – 22

Thrifting, flea markets and Mythical Mountain mean more miscellaneous treasures to photograph on the way, and more gold! A gold ships lantern and some golden salt and pepper shaker frogs and I finally felt my gold set was complete.

So, I took lots of photos of that gold set.

January 23 – 29

We celebrated my birthday, Wolfgang had a vet appointment, a tiny robe I ordered finally arrived and I took more gold photos!

I also wandered the UNF nature trails in an attempt to follow through and get some images there for an upcoming show. I took a couple of images but couldn’t find inspiration. Maybe I’ll submit next year.

January 30 – 31

My sister and brother-in-law came back in town for a few days, so we had a family birthday dinner for my and Eric’s birthdays. Photos thanks to my sister.

How was your January?

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