January 2022 in Photos

My 2021 yearly recap was long, my May-December weekly recaps were often very uninteresting. So instead, let's try monthly recaps this year and see where that gets us. December 26 - January 1 Spent the week feeling very ill and trying to get doctor's appointments scheduled. 2 scheduled for the 6th, then another 2 on... Continue Reading →

Car Interiors

Fancy/vintage car interiors make me understand, if for just a moment, the romance between a person and their car.

Kitchen Surrealism

It's a Wednesday night and I have rice simmering on the stove. The timers set for 45 minutes. So, I mess with stuff in the kitchen.

A Favorite Photograph

Looking at the trends of the Lenscratch Favorite Photograph Exhibition and forming a new call for a yearly toy photography exhibition.

My Favorite Photos of 2021

I sent in a photo this year to Lenscratch's Favorite Photos exhibition. I chose a recent image I'd made, which tends to be how my favorites go .

Clinging to Childhood

A representation of clinging to childhood. A figure reaches up to an oversize horse. A hand reaches down to grab the horse and take it away.

WordPress Photo Challenges

The height and decline of photo challenges on WordPress, and finding and listing the ones that are still active.

The Artist Statement

I got a question recently on how I've become comfortable opening myself up in artist statements. I don't fully open myself up.

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