2017, a timeline

2017 has almost come to an end. One of the quickest years of my life, but then I say that every year... January I turned 26, officially transitioning into the last year of my 'mid 20s.' I created my series Monochopis. February I started writing for toyphotographers.com. My work was in Exclu issue 3. I... Continue Reading →

Slime Sunset

Vintage Micro Machine, cork board, sand, holographic foam board, puff paint, plastic cactus, acrylic paint

A Study of The Enchanted Dolls’ House By Robyn Johnson

The Enchanted Dolls' House is an illustrated pop up book by Robyn Johnson. Within it are 4 paper doll houses with various things to discover behind the windows and doors. So I discovered them photographically and I certainly hope you'll enjoy. Get your own copy of the book here. You may also enjoy my post... Continue Reading →

Water Abundant

Hurricane Irma recently made its way through our area. While the downtown area of Jacksonville got hit hard, specifically where we are was just fine. We lost power for about 12 hours, but obviously it could have been much worse. After the fact, with all the water around I decided to make some hurricane inspired... Continue Reading →

Cobra’s Curse in Miniature

Recently I went to Busch Gardens. They have a new roller coaster called Cobra's Curse and to my delight, on display in one of the gift shops is an architectural model of the roller coaster! The set itself looks to be about N scale, and the people within it are HO scale. And for good... Continue Reading →


Rethinking, restructuring... I've been in a transitional period with my art. Truly figuring out what I want to create and why and how I want to be perceived as an artist. Because of this you will have seen differences in the look of my site and blog and how active I've been on social media,... Continue Reading →

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