Rethinking, restructuring…

I’ve been in a transitional period with my art. Truly figuring out what I want to create and why and how I want to be perceived as an artist. Because of this you will have seen differences in the look of my site and blog and how active I’ve been on social media, commenting, etc. This is still in flux and will continue to change, but because of it I hope to be able to share some even better art and stories with you. In the mean time, I thank you for your patience.

-Tourmaline aka JNW aka Jennifer Nichole Wells

8 Replies to “Re…”

  1. We must change to grow and when we grow we change. I’m looking forward to your change and growth as an artist.😊


  2. I hope you can find your (temporary) destination. Enjoy the journey on how you get there!
    temporary because change is not a stagnant thing)


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