Cobra’s Curse in Miniature

Recently I went to Busch Gardens. They have a new roller coaster called Cobra’s Curse and to my delight, on display in one of the gift shops is an architectural model of the roller coaster! The set itself looks to be about N scale, and the people within it are HO scale.

And for good measure here are some images I took around the park of non-minis.

7 Replies to “Cobra’s Curse in Miniature”

  1. years ago my husband dragged me kicking and screaming on to the original cobra! Roller coasters have never been my favourite form of entertainment ….


    1. So no ‘and I ended up loving it’ happy ending to this story?? 😝 I love roller coasters but my first experience was Disney’s Space Mountain when I was 7. Not a happy experience at all.


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