Austin Anderson

Today I'm very excited to share some insight into the fabulous artist, Austin Anderson. I became familiar with his work, and got to know him online and then later had the opportunity to meet him in person! He creates beautiful images and tells very compelling stories along with them. Read his interview here, soak in... Continue Reading →

Empire Toy Works

I have been enamored by the work of Chris Shaylor of Empire Toy Works for quite some time now. His intricacy, detail, colors, and so much more, intrigue me. I am so excited to share this interview with you. I hope you enjoy learning more about him, or maybe being newly introduced to him. Let... Continue Reading →

Toy Photographers Podcast

James Garcia of the Toy Photographer's Podcast recently chose to interview me of all people! I'd love if you'd check out the interview, and make sure to check out plenty of the other episodes as well. We talk about how I got into photography, then toy photography, why I like to do what I do,... Continue Reading →

Undersized Urbanite

Have you all heard of Undersized Urbanite? "The Undersized Urbanite is a miniatures contest. You create and decorate a dollhouse or miniature roombox and share your progress along the way." I've been following along with the entries into this contest and it's so fun. Click the link above to learn more and follow along as... Continue Reading →


I was recently interviewed by the lovely Michaella Rose. Check out the post and her page here. Thanks for reading. And thank you Michaella, for the opportunity.

Book interview at AM 600 WBOB, Monday 1/14, 12:30 PM

In case you aren't in Jacksonville, you can still listen to the interview online. If you have any questions of your own, just tweet them in (see above) or call the station directly.

An Interview with David Levinthal, The Father of Miniature Photography

Last semester I did a project for my photo history class on David Levinthal. I took a chance and e-mailed his studio. To my surprise and delight he responded! On top of that, he gave me permission to share his responses to my questions with you! Below is David Levinthal's answer to the questions: Why do you... Continue Reading →

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