Photography 101: Bliss

So I’ve made it to day 4!

Bliss: ‘perfect happiness, great joy’

Back when I lived in Bradenton, Florida, throughout Elementary school (without my parents fully knowing), me, my sister and the neighbor kids would go to the Lakewood Ranch park. In the woods behind the park was a magical area. The Braden River ran right through it. There were homes not 30 feet on the other side. But as rumor went, all the small, grown over trails, were cut by neighborhood kids with their very own machete’s. To this day, I have no idea where the little man made trails came from, but we loved going back there. It was just adventurous and hidden enough to make us feel powerful. I would sit on the fallen tree and feel like I was king- I could picture myself sitting there for days and reading. We called the place Neverland.

I went back a few years ago to relish in the nostalgia. It’s there, but smells completely awful. All the trees are carved into or spray painted. Trash is strewn everywhere. At least it was perfect when we needed it to be.


The ground and fallen tree are made from air dry clay, the skinny trees are painted tooth picks, the full trees and girl are ho scale model props, and the river is a plastic container (that model figures come packaged in) filled with fake blood mixed with water (the Braden River looks orange/red because of the red clay at the bottom).

Click here to join in.

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    1. Of course you’d think so, you’re mentioned in the post :P Does it look like you remember it?


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