A series from 2015, a year I was clearly very bad about posting my new images. A figure made of wire and polymer clay goes about their daily life, doing the same over and over. Routine: WatchRoutine: ShowerRoutine: Wake-upRoutine: WorkRoutine: ShopRoutine: PeeRoutine: Eat

Dream State

A look inside my mind. I've been so fatigued as part of this MS attack I'm currently living through, that I feel I'm wading through a constant state of semi unconscious. I'll have a thought, an idea and it will be so fleeting it's immediately gone, never to be recovered. I go about my daily... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving! One of my earlier Youtube videos so don't judge too hard. Making a Thanksgiving meal for a 2cm tall person!

Tiniest Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you enjoy this teensy tiny dinner I cooked up for you.


In continuing on with the spooky/Fall theme I’ll be sharing more Halloween-y images this month. Other than posting daily here, I also shared images using the Creepy TopicGenerator and posted on instagram in the#mabsdrawlloweenclub. So we continue, daily, never-before-shared on this platform spooky images. Hope you enjoy. If you play along, keep tagging #jhc and... Continue Reading →


Another image from a collaborative project I worked on recently, illustrating a screenplay. See the first image I shared from this project here. Polymer clay snails, photographed outdoors in natural light. Communing in the grass. [Posting to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning, and past Discover Challenges: Connection and Shared Journeys]

Shutterbug Showcase – Cheese

Blogger’s World AKA Blogging 101 Alumni is a WordPress blogging group – open to all – especially those who have completed the Blogging U course Blogging 101 (now known as Blogging Fundamentals). I’m a member of said group, and while I’ll admit, I have not been a very active member, I’m jumping back in and... Continue Reading →


Inspired by July 2nd's World UFO Day, X Files and UFOs in general. handmade polymer clay UFO, HO scale figure, N scale house, scrapbook paper sky, war gaming grass field.

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