2014, A Look Back

Note - I'm pretty sure my Woodland images were actually made in 2012, but uploaded to this blog in 2014. I'm apparently bad at dating my own work 🤷‍♀️ A catalog of the year. In having to delete lots of old posts recently, I thought it'd be apt to have a record of the pieces... Continue Reading →

The Conception and Sensation of Time, 2013

My BFA senior project and the words I wrote with it, created my last year of college 2013. "Charles Baudelaire, the 19th century French Poet once said, “We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and sensation of Time.” Time is vastly important in our daily lives. Our lifetimes are only so long, and within... Continue Reading →

Creating Anyway

Free Association, MRI series, Tourmaline ., 2020 While 2020 has been an eye opener for me with health concerns, my off beat health is nothing new. Just in the past 6 or 7 years, from infected tonsils that led to me getting sick every time I ate or drank for more than a year, then... Continue Reading →


I'm so tired she said and he agreed but what he didn't understand was the tiredness of which she spoke was not for want of sleep  

My Book Arrived!

Get your own copy here.  

Stress Artist Statement

In August, my History of Psychology Professor, Brian Higley, e-mailed the class a link to a clip from the documentary “Stress, Portrait of a Killer.” I watched it. Then I watched the next clip and the next until I had roughly watched the entire hour long documentary. In the documentary, neuroscientist, Robert Sapolsky discusses the... Continue Reading →


The Woodland project is well on its way. I've been ready to shoot it for quite some time now, I've just been waiting for the day when free time and nice weather happen to coincide. According to the weather report, it seems like this Saturday morning, the 22nd will be my day. After it's shot... Continue Reading →

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