The Conception and Sensation of Time, 2013

My BFA senior project and the words I wrote with it, created my last year of college 2013.

“Charles Baudelaire, the 19th century French Poet once said, “We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and sensation of Time.” Time is vastly important in our daily lives. Our lifetimes are only so long, and within this already relatively short time-span, we have even shorter deadlines in which we are to grow, mature, and complete certain tasks.

Time is daunting- it chases us every moment. I am overly aware of this. Stress leaks into my dreams. Here, in this photographic series, I illustrate some of these dreams. Each image is mysterious, dark and daunting, as is time.

I utilize miniature settings to blur the line between fantasy and reality- for every individual’s reality varies from the next. This blur creates mystery and deception, as does time.”

Click on an image to view it in full screen and read the dream that inspired it.

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