Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a warm and loving holiday, filled with smiles and laughter. An image of 3 iredescent deer, atop iredescent snowfall.

Full Circle

If you had to weave a story from these images, what would you say? Include the skeletons, the branches, the moons, the animals, the colors. And just what is she holding in the first picture? Striking a DealTrick or Treat?OfferingMake a ChoiceThe JourneyEnlightenment

Leaves – Behind the Scenes

In case you missed it in my Oct. 17 - 23 weekly recap, here's a little behind the scenes on one of my Halloween Challenge images. For this image, I had planned to use these glittery ornately cut leaves I had seen at the dollar store and hadn't purchased, so i kept putting off this... Continue Reading →

NBC’s Manifest and Carl Jung

I'll give you a break from yesterday's college paper of a post. This one will be short. Potential spoilers ahead. Manifest In NBC's, now Netflix's, show Manifest flight 828 goes missing. After 5 and a half years the flight returns and the passengers within have not aged. Each passenger begins to experience visions. Main charcter... Continue Reading →

A Technological Surrealist Endeavor

A more in depth look at the study of dreams, done for a project outside my normal blog content. I was told to be as in depth as possible, which is fully impossible given the long history of dream research, dating back to Ancient Egypt. However, for the purposes of this blog, what I did... Continue Reading →


That's very much a working title. I have no idea how I'll end up framing this piece. All I know is I took too long to finally get to work on it after I envisioned it, but it still came out just like I wanted it to. I have an idea for a follow up... Continue Reading →

How Toy Photography Fits within Photography

First and foremost, toy photography is photography. The term "toy photography" only came to use after the internet age, within the past 15 years or so - primarily through social media like flickr. But toy photography has existed since at least 1898 (123 years ago), and can be traced back even to the invention of photography, all falling instead into the categories I'll outline here.

And What Happens in Between

A series created in 2019 as a spin off from my Monochrome | Polychrome series. I believe I had more images planned but they never came to fruition.

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