NBC’s Manifest and Carl Jung

I’ll give you a break from yesterday’s college paper of a post. This one will be short. Potential spoilers ahead.


In NBC’s, now Netflix’s, show Manifest flight 828 goes missing. After 5 and a half years the flight returns and the passengers within have not aged. Each passenger begins to experience visions.

Main charcter Ben, his sister and son, discover that these visions are callings meant to be followed. The callings have to be solved like a puzzle, no matter how difficult. Ignore the callings and you will die a second time, and those who came back to life with you will also die along with you.

Some of this may get further information attached to it as the show continues, or it may be disproved all together. But one thing’s for sure, everything and everyone is connected.

Carl Jung

In re-delving into Jung recently, all I could think of was how immensely connected Manifest seemed to Jung’s work.

Jung believed in a collective conscious, all things connected. Our dreams are callings, lying just below the surface. They are meant to be followed. And Jung followed his, with evidence of his journey documented in The Red Book.


And well, that’s all I have for you, but maybe we should live out our callings, at least in the form of art.

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