Glass Head

I've started photographing this green tinted glass head. I only have a vague idea of the images I mean to make with it, so it's all very experimental at the moment. Hopefully by the time this posts I'll have even more images made! Also see - From Nature, My Green Period Posts that feel applicable... Continue Reading → | This Blog in Summary

A bit of a blog summary for all my new visitors.

Is Toy Photography Art?

“Art is the expression of those beauties and emotions that stir the human soul.” – Howard Pyle Photography as Art Photography had been around since 1840, but it was not accepted as art then. The medium was meant for documenting reality, and that alone. But there was a group of artists that saw the manipulation... Continue Reading →

Why Miniatures? Part 3 – On Longing

"The inanimate toy repeats the still life's theme of arrested life, the life of the tableau. But once the toy becomes animated, it initiates another world, the world of the daydream." Why Miniatures part 1, part 2. Why are we so fascinated with miniatures? What makes miniatures useful in artistic work? In this 'Why Miniatures'... Continue Reading →

The History of Toy Photography

The original text of this article has been modified 3/21/2019. I want to discuss the history of the use of miniatures and toys in photographic works. I've seen a lot lately, listing artists from the 2010s as being founders of the field, and while they're great artists, I think we all need to look back... Continue Reading →


For the Pic and a Word Challenge #63... The sentiment Patrick expresses in his prompt post in regards to finding beauty in the grey made me think of this image - largely monotone, I find the little spurts of grass quite appealing. That said, this is a posed image, fake grass against a fabric sky,... Continue Reading →

How to Make Realistic Images of Toys and Miniatures

Whether with toys, model railroad sets, war gaming miniatures, you name it, if you want realistic-looking image of miniature environments, this guide is for you.

Why Miniatures?

Posting as part of the My Mini Monday series. A occasionally weekly feature where I discuss all things miniature, outside of the realm of my own miniature photographic scenes. Why are we so fascinated with miniatures? What makes miniatures useful in artistic work? These thoughts and others explored through snippets from a variety of artists/articles... Continue Reading →

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