Toy Photography on the Cheap

I wrote this post a million years ago and never published it. In going through my 36 post drafts, most of which are barely written ideas, I stumbled on this one and it seems like the perfect time to share. Sure, maybe you can't go shopping at the dollar store, or maybe you can but... Continue Reading →

A Delightfully Cute Dollhouse Line

I really have nothing of depth to say here, just wanted you all to join in on the cuteness.

Simpson’s Still Lives

Them suddenly being free got rid of my hesitation, but didn't bring to light how I'd eventually photograph them. After having them for nearly 2 months, I had my idea - precariously perched still lives on colorful backdrops, and thus the following 5 images were born.

Things to Read and Watch about Miniatures, Toys and the Photography of

This listing started as resources for an upcoming vlog I'm planning on why humans are intrigued by miniatures, and as a follow up, why some of those people are passionate about toy photography. I know there are some movies, etc. that feature miniatures of some kind, but use them as a narrative device, rather than... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Sadly, I don't get visited by the Easter bunny anymore, but that doesn't mean that I can't play with Easter toys. So here are some experimentations with confetti, plastic animals and lego items. Make sure to also check out my post from yesterday that includes a video tutorial on how to make and dye your... Continue Reading →

Alternative Mini Cooking Options

So you've been following along with all the mini cooking hysteria, but you'd prefer something that involves a little less, (and planning)? Well you got it. This post is for you! (don't know what I'm talking about as far as mini cooking goes? - go here first) See also:  Working Vintage Toy Ovens The Edible... Continue Reading →

Using Toys in your Scale Sets

AKA Alternative Non-Model Train Branded N, HO and O Objects AKA Miniature Scales Part 2 There are so many toys old and new that coincide with model train scales. If you're into that sort of thing, here's a list of toys, by brand, and the scales they can be used with. Be sure to scroll... Continue Reading →

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