A Delightfully Cute Dollhouse Line

I’ve found just about the cutest dollhouse line. I have no interest in it photography wise, but my goodness it’s cute.

HABA is a German company that’s been in business for 80 years. Their US operation is based in New York and their toys are manufactured in Germany and Asia.

Little Friends is one of HABA’s toy lines. The dolls are a bendable plastic, and their environments and accessories are made of wood and fabric.

Their buildings are simplistic but whimsical, and because of their simplicity, run much less expensive than the typical dollhouse.

This Homestead Farm for example is $29.99.

I really have nothing of depth to say here, just wanted you all to join in on the cuteness. Also, wouldn’t this make a great wedding cake topper?

Learn more, or buy some stuff here. This is not a sponsored post, I’m just enamored. 

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