Happy Easter

Sadly, I don’t get visited by the Easter bunny anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t play with Easter toys. So here are some experimentations with confetti, plastic animals and lego items.

Bellville Rabbit with Flowers

Bellville Rabbit with Eggs

Make sure to also check out my post from yesterday that includes a video tutorial on how to make and dye your own mini Easter eggs!

How do you celebrate Spring & Easter?

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  1. Normally if I get a chance I try to attend church however I did not get up on time so I just had church in my house by playing lots of Gospel Music. Also I work on Sundays so it can be difficult to attend services however last Palm Sunday I had the day off so at least I was able to get my palms. Happy for that!

    Not sad about not receiving an Easter basket as I can no longer eat most sweets! Pre-diabetes. So I do my best to stay away from sugar.

    Happy Easter and enjoy!!

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